Monday, April 24, 2006

my embarrassing moment @ sdi

i mentioned in my previous post that i did manage to embarrass myself at sdi. i should probably tell that story.

i'd gone to the lobby to get myself and a friend a soda during a brief break in the closing session (which was nearly 4 hours long). as i was returning i was walking down a short flight of stairs holding the 20 oz sodas and trying to answer my phone. this was too much multi-tasking for my mind and body. down i went, missing the last three steps, hitting the bottom and rolling my left ankle. i was stunned and i almost busted out with an inappropriate word until i realized a nun had seen me fall and was rushing over to help. it really hurt and i really wanted to cry but i tried to laugh it off instead. another staff member from the event came over to help and offered to call and get an ice pack for my ankle which was obviously beginning to swell. i insisted that i was fine and hobbled off as gracefully as i could.

this morning, my ankle was still swollen after rest, ice, compression and elevation. i ended up in the er for it and i have a bad sprain. they put a lovely boot brace on it and have given me crutches to use since the joint can't bear weight. i have either a bruised bone or a hairline fracture as well. they just won't know for sure which until they can re-x-ray it in a week.

klutz girl has returned. i'm just hoping this is the end of it for awhile.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Mindi, Mindi, Mindi....

You need to meditate on the words of Major Charles Emerson Winchester:

I do one thing,
I do it very well,
then I move on.

I've become increasingly of the opinion that multi-tasking is the latest technique developed by Screwtape and his uncle.