Wednesday, April 26, 2006

random things that make me smile

since i posted about that which annoys me, i thought i'd post about the stuff that gives me reasons to smile:
  • hanging with my nephews and neices and being "auntie mindi" and teaching them how to lick and stick gummy bears to inanimate objects, bake cookies, shop, play board games, and just hang out...
  • the commercial with the baby elephant dancing to singing in the rain
  • the beach on misty, rainy afternoons
  • sunsets from my porch, especially when shared with a good friend and a glass of wine
  • girls nite out
  • watching old movies on a rainy afternoon--esp. ones with cary grant, doris day or lucille ball
  • reading a good book on a sunny afternoon next to the pool
  • an unexpected phone call from a friend just to chat
  • something that goes really right at work
  • watching a middle schooler have an "aha" about their relationship with god
i could list more, but i'll pause here. feel free to add what makes you smile in the comments.

1 comment:

truevyne said...

Something that makes me smile? A four year old boy from my Sunday School class that treats me like a rock star when he sees me in the store!