Thursday, April 20, 2006

I meme

I was tagged by ianua

I AM: tired...and doing laundry.
I WANT: to feel safe.
I WISH: I were more sure of myself.
I HATE: bad manners.
I LOVE: my friends and family.
I MISS: my nephews and godkids.
I FEAR: rejection.
I HEAR: silence.
I WONDER: why_________ and/or how to_________.
I REGRET: not seizing the moment and kissing___________.
I AM NOT: brave.
I DANCE: to celebrate happy moments.
I SING: off key.
I CRY: too easily.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: motivated.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: yummy things in the kitchen.
I WRITE: for myself.
I CONFUSE: my desire to please with obligation.
I NEED: to feel cherished.
I SHOULD: finish unpacking the boxes in my house.
I START: thoughts but don't always finish them.
I FINISH: cookie dough, usually before I bake all the cookies.
I TAG: andy, lizzy.


Len said...

If all the cookie dough you eat before it's cooked were to become cookies, how many cookies would they be?

Andy said...

I did mine.

Anonymous said...

I too start thoughts but don't always finish th

mindi said...

andy... i love yours. thanks for sharing.

len... more cookies than i should eat!