Wednesday, December 27, 2006

great kisses

never been kissed has been playing on amc tonite. so with that and the fact that new year's eve is only a couple days away, i started thinking about perfect kisses.

it's been ages since i've kissed someone romantically--more than a decade in fact. it just hasn't worked out that there's been someone in my life to kiss. i'm okay with that. as i recall, kissing was fun, but i'm okay with not wasting perfectly good kisses on mr. not-so-right, but i digress. there's nothing like a great perfect kiss in the movies.

the one that ends never been kissed is one of my favorites. but my all time favorite movie kiss is from gone with the wind. it's the scene where rhett tells scarlett she should be "kissed and often and by someone who knows how".

so, what's your favorite movie kiss? post it in the comments and if i get enough responses, i'll post a top ten list of movie kisses.

Friday, December 22, 2006

five things you don't know about me

as mentioned in the previous post, i was tagged for this meme by jay.

so, here goes:

1. the weirdest holiday i've had was thanksgiving in '90. i was opening a chili's restaurant in edmonton, ab, canada and they don't have thanksgiving when we do. i sat with 4 other american trainers and we had cheeseburgers and talked about what we'd be doing if we were home with our families. that evenin
g the franchise owner invited us to his home for dinner and he and his wife put on an american style thanksgiving dinner for the five of us americans. it's a fond memory.

2. i have a reputation in my family for teaching the next generation all kinds of mischevious things like how to lick & stick gummi bears, burping loudly, etc. the latest thing i taught one of the kids was how to floss his nose even though i've never actually flossed my own nose.

3. my selfish wish is to one d
ay wear a beautiful ballgown and be whirled around a dance floor like anna is by the king in the the king & i. if you click on the trailer, you get a glimpse of the scene i'm referring to.

4. i have a 7ft artificial charlie brown christmas tree. seriously, the thing is scraggly and ugly but by the time i get all my ornaments (i have a huge collection) and lights on it, it turns out to be a rather pretty thing. just like charlie brown's.

5. i decided i wanted to follow jesus when i was five because of a poem by christina rosseti i'd memorized for the church christmas program. it's the last stanza of the "in the bleak midwinter" and it goes:

what can i give him
poor as i am?
if i were a shepherd,
i'd give him a lamb.
if i were a wise man,
i'd do my part.
what can i give him?
i give him my heart.

i told my mom and my pastor i wanted to give jesus my heart and that's where my journey with him officially began.

so, enough new info about me. i tag andy, lizzy & jamie (who hasn't posted recently but is missed).

hello again

so, it's been quite awhile since i posted. i was gone for several weeks and then came home sick. and i'm quite terrible at posting while i'm traveling.

but by way of a brief catch up, i was in cincinnati for the 3rd of our 4 national youth workers conventions. following that i headed to tulsa for a week and hung out with the fam for thanksgiving. from there, it was off to charlotte for the last national youth workers convention in 2006. the last day of charlotte, i woke up with a nice case of laryngitis. it was downhill from there. i ended having a sinus infection, the beginnings of an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection which turned into a charming case of bronchitis. it's been this week that i finally have started feeling more like myself and like i'm recovering from all the past weeks have held.

most surprisingly, i've actually had a few emails of people wondering where i'd disappeared to since my little blog was gathering dust. it was nice to know that a) people do read this and b) that i was missed. one of those emails arrived today from jay. he also tagged me for a meme so for that see my next post.

wow! two posts in one day after weeks of silence. oh good heavens!