Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fredgies, faith and doubt

my small group of girls is so very wonderfully middle school. tonight, they were horsing around and one of the girls slid out of the little funky ikea rocking chair (pictured at right) i have and managed to give herself a wedgie. the conversation rapidly devolved to if you have a wedgie in the front it should be called a "fredgie" a front wedgie. they then spent several more minutes trying to figure out what to call it when you get a fredgie and a wedgie at the same time.

after bribing them with cookies & dr pepper, we finally moved onto the lesson. and somehow they were able to shift gears and talk about faith and doubt. we're using marko & kurt johnston's book my faith. tonite we were doing the section on faith and doubt. it's so amazing the questions the girls have...'how do we know we have the right god and that other religions don't?' 'what if sometimes i'm not sure god is real 'cause trying to spend time with him feels like i'm sitting alone talking to myself?' their questions are so sincere and you can just almost see their little brains trying to move from concrete to abstract thinking as they try to wrap their heads and hearts around big 'who is god?' questions.

and i'm just such equal parts amused and touched by their ability to go from fredgie to faith in a matter of minutes.

Monday, February 12, 2007

pondering updates

so here are a few follow up thoughts from my previous post:
  • i'm remembering how to breathe a little more which is good. turning blue is really bad.
  • popcorn at the theatre has some secret additive. okay, i don't know that for sure, but it makes sense.
  • 4 took 4 weeks for my small group girls to get bored with my hs yearbooks.

and a few new thoughts:

  • doing a spiritual formation retreat for urban kids is an incredible experience
  • puppy-sitting means i leave the office on time
  • i could be jealous of the girl on the sit-com who's moving from socal to london
  • united airlines needs more competitive fares at the moment

and finally...

  • as much as i love pink...i'm really over all the pink and red in stores right now. i'm looking forward to feb 15...