Monday, January 19, 2009

52 books-an idea

i'm a book girl. i love to read, i love books. if i'm feeling blue or bored or lonely, a trip to b&n or borders is usually a good pick me up.

but lately, i've been doing more reading that isn't just for work. it's just for me. in the first 2 1/2 weeks of the year, i've read 3 books, which makes me wonder, can i read a book a week? and books that aren't for work?

well, i don't know until i try so i've decided to give it a go. i'll post thoughts about what i've read and a preview of what's next up. here goes...


lilkup said...

i look forward to reading about the books you read throughout the year. maybe I'll get an idea of one to read (as long as its not girlie :))

mindi said...

i actually do have a few books already on my list that are definitely not in the chick lit category. :)