Monday, December 15, 2008

6 random things about me

i was tagged by my friend max, and as the only person he tagged, i feel special and a little bit honored as well as compelled to post this now, just after reading his post. so here goes:

1. hi, my name is mindi and i'm addicted to shoes. there are currently 21 pairs by my front door. we won't talk about how many are behind the couch, under the bed and in the closet.

2. i love seasonal dishes. i have themed serving plates and dishes for christmas, valentine's day, and easter.

3. for my 14th birthday, my parents gave me a canon ae-1 set: camera body, flash and a couple lenses. over the years, i added an auto-advance, more lenses, filters, etc. i was a photographer for the hs yearbook and newspaper and continued into the first couple years of college and then burnt out and sold it all. in the last year, i've really begun to miss having a great camera.

4. i really need to update the photos in my house. the pics of my neices and nephews that are up show the oldest at 8. he's now 16.

5. my favorite website is the bbc in pictures page. it's updated daily.

6. two of my closest friends were born within a week of me. one, i've known since birth; the other since sophomore year of college. i enjoy reminding both of them that i'm the youngest even if it is only by 6 or 5 days respectively.

and there you have it. 6 random things about me. as for tags, if you're reading this & haven't done this meme, consider yourself tagged.

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