Saturday, March 01, 2008

random saturday musings

  • cars are good; car maintenance is a pain
  • i like orange vegetables--butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams
  • haricot verts are just french style green beans
  • i like cooking for friends and having them over
  • i don't like cleaning before and after i have friends over, but it's a necessary evil
  • dublin dr. pepper is available just 2.7 miles from my house and i just found out this afternoon
  • our country needs accessible, affordable health care for everyone
  • easter candy is better than valentine's candy
  • prices are really going up at the grocery store
  • what does it say that my 3 fave celebs at the moment are all food network hosts: guy fieri, robert irvine, and duff goldman
  • i love being a volunteer in youth ministry more than being a youth pastor
  • meeting our parent company's new ceo was good--i'm really excited we have a woman ceo
  • i'm looking forward to going to oklahoma for easter
  • if barack obama really is going to be the democratic nominee and the next president, i sure hope he figures out a way to come even 1/2 close to the hype he's created for himself
  • if barack obama is the president and can't live up to the hype, i think bush's current approval ratings will look really high
  • i still think if the democratic party genuinely wanted to fix things and not play politics as usual, they'd figure out a way to run a clinton/obama ticket; clinton focusing on foreign issues; obama on domestic and after a 4-8 year run, then obama could run and the dems could potentially have 16 uninterrupted presidential years

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Josh(ua) Treece said...

PLEASE tell me where you can get Dublin Dr. Pepper!