Friday, March 07, 2008

ambitious reading days

i'm trying to catch up on my reading. i perpetually have books lying around in various stages of progress. at the moment on the table behind my couch, there's rhett butler's people (so far so not as good as gone with the wind) that i'm having a hard time really getting into, but am determined to read. there's also my sister's keeper by jodi picoult, probably waiting for my next flight. enduring lives which i recently finished and real sex: the naked truth about chastity which i've been using as a resource for curriculum for my middle school girls.

this week, i'm focusing on some work-related reading plus one other book. one of the cool things about my job is that we publish really good books for teens--invert books. i read them so i know what they're about first-hand. we have a bunch of great new ones that have just released or about to so i'm reading those. this evening, i finished it's easy being green by emma sleeth which released today. i'm almost finished with generation change, an upcoming book from zach hunter that will be available in april. also on the reading schedule for the weekend are confessions of a not-so-super model (i've read excerpts but i'm excited to read it from start to finish) and wisdom on...making good decisions.

the plus one other book is why women should rule the world by dee dee myers. she was the first female press secretary in the white house. so far i just love it.

in the upcoming week, i'll do a little post about each book i'm reading this weekend.


Matthew McNutt said...

Sounds fun - I love reading! : ) I've been pretty impressed with the Invert line, too. Just got finished with a couple of them recently.

lillylewin said...

hey mindi!

i do have a nasty habit of reading the endings of books first! it drives all my family and friends crazy.
but i like how rhett butler's people ends, so this might help you get into it more?
i'm getting back to blogging so thank you for dropping by : )