Wednesday, August 30, 2006

how they met

as i was dusting tonite, a book that's been tucked into the back corner of my bookcase caught my eye. it's called how they met by nancy cobb. it's an anthology of how famous couples met and when they knew they were in love. i bought it when i was doing bridal consulting years ago. it just got me to wondering about my friends out here in cyberspace. how did you meet your spouse/significant other? what was the moment like when you realized you'd found that one someone to do life with?

i'm looking forward to hearing your stories.


lizzy said...

yeah umm i'll let you know when i know...hahaha oh mercy me....calgon take me away....i was up till 5am doing a video for a college deal today...'i love my job, i love my job, i love my job....really...i love my job...right?'

Jeff said...

She Stole My Answer! LOL

Len said...

Met in college. Didn't date till 2.5 years later. She knew after 2 weeks, I knew after 6. Men are slower, you know. :-)

mindi said...

So Len, how did you know you knew? How did she know she knew? What was that like?

Len said...

closest thing I can say is it resembled the peace that passes understanding, experientially.

Like some preachers say, "You know that you know."

It shouldn't be a "quezzy" decision b/c those things don't last but you understand of all the people in the world this is the one that you choose and you are amazed that they would choose you for who you are.

Andy said...

I had just turned 18 and I didn't give a rip about anything (of significance) at that point in my life.

One Saturday, my brother and his wife invite me to their church. I agree and spend the night with him and go to church the next day -- messy hair, earrings, horrible clothes, and all.

While I'm there, this gorgeous woman is on stage singing. I catch myself staring at her and her at me.

A few weeks pass and the pastor gives me her phone number and we end up going on a date for some Starbucks coffee and a late-night trip to Wendy's.

That was 9 years ago.

Now she's my bride of 7+ years.

Da Youth Guy said...

Met in college. She was exactly like the girl I'd had dreams about since I was in elementary school, tall with long brown hair.

For me it was lust at first sight (I was a moron at 18, sad but true)for her? Not so much. I was obnoxious. We did a play together, had a couple classes together. She knew by the second semester I was it. Took me another year of being an idiot and an ultimatim from her.

How did I know? When I realized that living without her was going to hurt. A lot. When I realized that my heart raced when I saw her and I would smile when I heard her voice. Plus I stopped being quite so big an idiot.

We've been a couple for 30 years come February, and married 25 next June.

I'm still an idiot but I still smile and my heart still races and all that other stuff too when I'm around her.


mindi said...

thanks for sharing your stories!!