Saturday, August 05, 2006

the badge of busyness

i wrote this article for National Network of Youth Ministries monthly newsletter. i saw a link to it on a friend's blog. it was a little surreal. i've written a couple articles now and i'm still startled when i run across them online.

but this one feels a little more vulnerable. as i relooked at it tonite, i realized how much i still need to pay attention to the level of busyness in my life. one thing i've been doing this week is spending time in my hammock swing. i've taken books with me but i end up just thinking, praying and daydreaming. sitting in the swing is something i'm going to try and do more days than not when i'm home as an intentional way of slowing down and just being. feel free to ask me how i'm doing with that.

so how about you? what's something you can do to be intentional about slowing down for at least a few minutes?


Len said...

I was going to give you some blog love too but blogging is not a high priority these days. I'm about to go slow down for an hour right now and do some reflecting. Good article, BTW. Nothin' but love!

Gman said...

It was a great article.