Friday, September 15, 2006

instead of blogging, iming

so, my life is in a fairly hectic season right now. it's crazy busy at work as we head into doing 4 conventions and launching the campaign for next year's CORE. (sidebar: next year's CORE has such great stuff...stay tuned!) i'm finishing up a certificate in adolescent spiritual direction. i'm going to london for vacation in less than two weeks and heading to our first convention less than 24 hours after i get home--this seemed like such a good idea several months ago!

and just to add to the craziness, i made a new friend about 6 weeks ago. it's not serious at this point, it's way too soon for that. we are having fun getting to know each other though. instead of blogging, i've been iming during my online time. since we live at opposite ends of the state, iming is a great thing. the friendship is more than an online thing. we'd actually met in person and then started keeping in touch online. i went to visit him over labor day weekend and that weekend we decided to meet in vegas in october to see elton john's red piano and he's coming down here over veteran's day. i don't know what will happen--i'm just having fun and enjoying the growing friendship.

i just thought i'd share where i'd disappeared to.

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Da Youth Guy said...

whatever happiness comes from this relationship revel in it.

And your friends will hope...