Monday, May 15, 2006

ys & the west wing

one of my long-time favorite tv shows ended last night. the west wing ended its run as the bartlett administration transitioned out and the santos administration transitioned in. one of the random details that caught my attention during the show was the chief usher and his moving plan.

i've always been fascinated by social studies and civics. years ago i read a book by a former chief usher at the white house.
it's now out of print, but i still have my copy. it was fascinating. the white house is set up in a manner that the residence and institution continue operating seamlessly regardless of who is running the west wing--the presidency. presidents and administrations changed but the white house has continued operating as national landmark and host home to thousands of tourists and heads of state.

i think at the moment the staff at ys is much like the behind the scenes staff at the white house. we're entrusted with maintaining an ideal--champion the youth worker; be a prophetic voice for youth ministry in the church; train, equip and encourage the youth worker. with the passing of ownership from karla to zondervan, the administration has changed, but the behind the scenes staff at ys will continue to be true to the ideals ys has always stood for.

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Len said...

that is a GREAT analogy.