Thursday, May 18, 2006


i have a love/hate relationship with nbc's show er. tonite's episode is a great example. the build up to the shooting was so stinking knew it was coming but they kept building the tension and building the tension. forget must see tv. this is closer to stress me tv. i love the show so i keep watching, but i hate how they suck me in and stress me out with the storyline.


Len said...

We thought it was the best finale in a while. "StressMeTV" nice!

Da Youth Guy said...

It's all about the catharis, baby! You're supposed to let the stress build then release.

Was a good episode though.


mindi said...

but there isn't a stress release when abby collapes bleeding and jerry is crashing and sam and alex are with a bunch of maniac killers and luka is still tied up with an intubation tube in.

no, they're making us wait for months before we get a stress reliever. i guess the fall premiere will be cathartic.

'neice said...

I agree, Mindi! I was watching the clock, knew something was up with Abby more than the head injury and then it ended! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The Jerry thing surprised me though.