Thursday, March 09, 2006

winter camp

it's my own fault. for a couple of months, i've been mocking our middle school winter camp. "we're going to a hotel in the middle of orange county in the middle of march. this is neither winter nor camp--spring retreat, sure, but not winter camp." i've said it a lot. and now my words are coming back to haunt me.

we're in for what in so cal constitutes a big winter storm this weekend. with highs only in the mid 50's (hey, that's cold when you're used to lows in the 50's) and rain the entire weekend, i'm starting to regret that mocking. especially since the forecast means we'll likely be driving in the rain (note: driving in the rain in so cal is like driving in sleet anywhere that has winter--people completely freak out and have very little idea of how to drive on wet pavement). oh and our free time, yup we're scheduled to go to an outdoor mall.

despite the weather woes, it should be a great weekend. i work with sixth grade girls and this will be their first middle school church trip. we'll have a great time. even if we're wet. and cold.

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'neice said...

Grrr...I had a comment all done, but I was on my Children's Ministry Blog ID.

I am at winter camp too (well...almost. I am early so I in Santa Cruz) except we have snow (on th summit) and I'll be "stuck" in a cabin instead of a hotel room!

Have a great time!!!