Sunday, March 12, 2006

weekend update

winter camp was way fun, but i came back way tired. i can't decide if it's from being too tired going into the weekend or if i'm just getting old. fortunately, my girls did sleep some--actually a lot for camp--about 5 hours or so both nites.

the event was great; it was well done focusing on the story of zaccheus. i have a new take on it from the weekend. i was really excited that the speaking was shared by katie edwards and kurt johnston. it was SO great to have a woman on stage as the speaker and pastor. i know the girls at our church don't see that enough. and katie is totally awesome. she and kurt did a great job and balanced each other well. they both shared personal stories that illustrated the point and gave a broader spectrum for students to relate to.

i have left the weekend wondering how i as a small group leader can do a better job drawing the best out of the girls, of how i can better affirm and encourage the gifts i see in them and how i can help them learn to navigate the harder things in life. i have four amazing girls and i watched all of them hit those awkward little growing moments that are part of middle school. and maybe because i am older now, i could recognize the moments as those little moments that can one of 3 directions: discourage, indifferent, or encourage. i know my primary focus as a small group leader is to point them to them to Jesus. but i still wonder how i can best help the girls navigate those moments and help them become the women that God has created them to be.

for tonite, i'm going to curl up in my jammies and finish watching grey's anatomy...

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