Sunday, February 12, 2006

hula lessons

one of the girls in my small group is part of the hula ministry at our church along with her mom (who coordinates it) and her sister. this weekend, there was a hula worship event. yesterday, a couple of the girls from the small group and i went to see them lead worshp thru hula. this afternoon, they had a clinic to learn a couple of hula dances. a couple of the girls and i went.

it was fun. now i should explain that this type of hula is not the hippy-shake-shimmy kind you see on tv. it's beautiful and lyrical and symbolic and graceful. all things i don't think are true of myself. i've had just enough dance training in my life to be able to follow in groups learning a dance quick, but i still felt so awkward and clumsy. i did have this brief moment during the second dance when we were running thru it for the third time where it clicked and i felt momentarily lyrical and graceful. it was just a fleeting moment, a glimpse of something more.

tonite i'm trying to hang on to that feeling, to remember that glimpse. at the moment it helps that my hips really hurt. they aren't used to moving like that.

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