Monday, January 23, 2006

return of the klutz

in my mid-twenties, i went thru a really klutzy, accident-prone phase. in about a 3 year period, I had a few injuries:
  • sprained ankle with two broken toes (ugly foot thing & crutches)
  • sprained wrist (large wrist brace)
  • twisted knee (knee brace)
  • whiplash (no brace)
  • broken wrist one (cast)
  • knee blow-out (ankle-to-hip knee brace, crutches, and surgery)
  • broken wrist two (cast)
  • sprain knee (brace and crutches)
i got to know the docs at our sports med clinic rather well. and then--fortunately--the phase ended.

in oct. my foot was squished between the beverage cart and the seat in front of me as i had dozed off and my foot drifted into the aisle. it bruised and was tender but i survived. i just noticed i had to pay attention to not wearing heels for more than a few hours at a time (normally i can wear them for 18 hours and i love cute heels!). then in december, i slipped and turned my foot awkwardly. naturally it was the same foot from the beverage cart. a month later the only shoes i can wear without being in pain are my sneakers and my foot is still swelling. it cramps and aches and is generally uncomfortable. today i finally got into my doctor who's sending me for xrays. he used the phrase stress fractures. fractures. plural. as in more than one. i'm trying not to freak out. my feet are important. not just because i like walking around on them, but because i have a closetful (really people are appalled by my shoe and flipflop collection) of cute shoes. i'd just be devastated if i can't wear my cute shoes. they'll take the xrays in the am and then let me know. *sigh* i just hope this isn't the beginning of another klutzy phase.

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lizzy said...

come on mindi....look at this as an excuse to add to the cute foot ware and jump on the croc, chaco, or birk banwagon...its all good...then you will get back to your other 'cute' (to be debatable if they are really comfy) shoes and have some new ones in your insane collection...and i can say insane as i am the proud owner of 23 pairs of birks, 4 pairs of crocs, 2 pairs of chacos and they a slew of others shoes....boys have toys...we have great foot wear...i think it is a good trade off:-)