Saturday, January 21, 2006

the death of 'old faithful'

jerry had his 'golden boy'. i have a sweater that i've dubbed 'old faithful'. it came from the gap probably 15 years ago. it's a white v-neck cotton with navy blue bands around the neck and cuffs. it's been with me thru thick and thin (my sizes) and in and out of countless suit cases. it goes with everything from track pants to casual skirts. it's been the perfect sweater. and now it must retire. it can no longer be worn out of the house. the cuffs came back frayed and still dingy. it's had a good life.

so now the search begins for the new 'old faithful'.


Andy said...

Maybe a quick phone call to Santino could do the trick?

mindi said...

maybe he could completely fray out the cuffs and collar and stitch on some raggedy scraps and i could pass it off as 'haute couture' :)

Len said...

Nice! But you'll wear it around the house right? If you get rid of it, make sure you burn it with honor as you retire it.