Tuesday, January 31, 2006

comfort food, knitting & endorphins

i'm finally approaching the end of a challenging work project. it's one that has required creating fairly detailed systems and lots of minutia. while i'm perfectly capable of doing this kind of project, it's not necessarily something that energizes me. and this has become a stressful project thanks to a couple of curve balls and a tight timetable.

i've noticed that i've been gravitating to comfort foods. i'm trying to pay a little better attention to making better food choices since i've gained back several of the pounds i lost about 8 months ago. so, tonite for dinner i started with an appetizer, fat-free saltines topped with fat-free miracle whip and bread & butter pickles (hey, it's a delicacy from goldie's, a local tulsa favorite) and then i had a couple of low-fat hebrew national hot dogs on light buns with mustard and reduced-fat shredded cheese along with a side of frozen fries that i cooked in the oven. actually, it all tasted very yummy and was quite comforting. but my big downfall has been chocolate and it's usually easy to find in our office. of course, chocolate is the ultimate comfort food. when i came home, i picked up my new knitting magazine which had a little feature on why knitting is good for lowering your stress level, on how it's calming and what to combine with knitting for maxing the destressing benefits. on the list, drinking hot cocoa because chocolate releases endorphins which lower stress.

ah, the joy of comfort food, knitting & endorphins :)

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