Saturday, May 24, 2008

wrangling the messies

as a kid, messy was never an option for me. everything had to be in its place--at least on the surface. drawers, cabinets and closets could be messy, but anything visible had to be immaculate. there was never a speck of dust and every bit of tchotchke had its exact spot. a very exact spot. when i was a teen and was acting out at my mom, i'd go around the house & just barely nudge all her little figurines and tchotchke. there was never a dust circle to disturb so i never knew how mom knew, but she knew they weren't in their proper spots and she'd spend how ever long it took to nudge everything into just the spot they were in previously. (i'd later learn that mom has obsessive-compulsive disorder and that was one of the manifestations).

anyhow, as an adult, with my own place. i enjoy a certain amount of messy. i don't mind my most frequently worn shoes being in a pile by the front door along with a stack of my currently rotating purses. i don't mind a few dirty dishes left overnite in the sink. or a pile of clothes that needs to be put away for several days. but there's a limit. and actually, messy cabinets, drawers, etc. can drive me a little nuts after a certain point.

i have reached that limit and hit that point. this long weekend, i'm on a declutter mission: clean out the closets & drawers. put the winter shoes back in their boxes, purge the old clothes, toss out or donate stuff that isn't being worn depending on its condition... a clean sweep. i'm looking forward to it... all the fun begins saturday morning ;). i should get some rest.

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