Wednesday, May 28, 2008

surprising myself

i'm a fan of sex and the city. i love the clothes, the shoes!. i can relate to being single and past 35. and yes, i'm very excited about the movie. i'm going to go see it friday nite with a friend. and i can pretty much count on one hand the number of movies i've made it a priority to see on opening day.

so here's what's surprising to myself: there's a part of me that hopes the character of carrie has a happy ending that doesn't include big--or any other guy.

i grew up on the fairytales that end with the princess getting the prince and everyone living happily ever after. and typically, i'm a hopeless romantic who wants to believe the fairytale ending--that true love wins out. that there actually is a true love for everyone. i have a shelf full of chick flicks and chick lit that all have exactly that ending.

but as i'm writing my own life story, i'm learning that i can have my own happy ending as a single woman. realizing that i'm almost rooting for carrie to have a happy ending as a single woman tells me that i really might be on my path to my own happily ever after. it also tells me that i want a pop culture princess to have a happily ever as a single so that i and other little girls have one more happily ever after to look at in the fairy tales.

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Amy said...

I don't watch "Sex & the City", but like you, I'm getting a bit tired of every princess running off with the handsome prince. Hey, I want my own "handsome prince", but it may not happen, despite all the church ladies praying for me to find a good man. My favorite line is, "There's someone for everyone" and "You'll meet him someday". Uhh, someday may never come and I'm not the church leper because I'm 28 and single.

But, hey, I want Carrie to end up single, too. Like you, in some way I want singleness to be a plausible happy ever after, too.