Monday, August 27, 2007

oh the 0's

so tomorrow i turn 40. august 28. the big 4-0. i'm trying to figure out what 40 means for me and here are a couple thoughts:

forty is fabulous! i won't be having any of the 'over the hill at 40' business going on. my dad and stepmom did an over the hill party for my stepsister. she's apparently more polite than i am. i'd walk out on that! here's my theory as to why 40 is fab--my thirties were better than my twenties and i liked my twenties better than my teens, so based on my personal story i have every reason to believe that my forties will be better than my thirties. i think i do keep getting better with age.

forty means your doctor likes to run tests. at my last doctor's appt., he scheduled me for a bunch of blood work, a mammogram--a baseline is required for women at 40 if not before, and an mri for my knee that my orthopaedic surgeon in ok had said would likely need surgery again around 40. both appointments landed on the actually big day. yippee! aren't i lucky? oh and just to add to this kind of fun, a ginormous pimple showed up on the end of my nose today! thank goodness for benefit 02 coverup!

regaining some lost hope! i'm going to participate in walk their walk to benefit aids orphans in zambia. i'll write more about this in my next post.

i'm sure i'll have a few more thoughts as time goes on, but for now, here's to fabulous 40!


Susan said...

We have had tons of fun together in our 20's & 30's - I have been 40 almost a year, it's not so bad. I am with you - 40 is fabulous and I think we will even have more fun together!! My trip to San Diego in May was just the beginning of the new and improved Gumby and Pokey show coming to a town near you soon!!!! Happy birthday my Pokey pal!!


johny b said...

happy birthday mindi.. thanks for your wisdom and your example of what it means to living life to the fullest...

Len said...

Woo Hoo! the big Four Ohhh. I'll catch you in a couple of years, tell me how it goes. :-)