Thursday, August 09, 2007

i probably shouldn't admit this

but one of my all-time favorite movies is son-in-law with pauly shore. it feels wrong to admit that, but it always makes me laugh. it's on tonite...and once again, i'm just amused. i love the grandpa, the little brother, the goofy clothes. and my other favorite movies are just so unlike it.

the other movies i love, sort of an informal top 10:
  • gone with the wind--"frankly my dear... & fiddle-dee-dee"
  • love actually--hugh grant falls for the girl with "sizeable thighs" & an excellent soundtrack (uk version better than us--bought it in london)
  • indiscreet--cary grant & ingrid bergman in london, so fabulously elegant
  • chocolat--something a little mystical and magical about this one
  • bridget jones's diary--a tragic spinster, urban family, smug marrieds, poufs, & the best fight scene ever
  • pillow talk--doris day & rock hudson, a classic
  • philadelphia story--cary grant again...what can i say?
  • beauty & the beast--my all-time favorite animated flick
  • french kiss--i think it's highly underrated
  • and, as previously mentioned, son-in-law, which just doesn't make sense...

so what about you? what are your faves?

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Len said...

My wife hates, hates stupid movies. Yet, we own Son-In-Law because it makes her laugh. It has a quirky appeal to it.