Monday, February 12, 2007

pondering updates

so here are a few follow up thoughts from my previous post:
  • i'm remembering how to breathe a little more which is good. turning blue is really bad.
  • popcorn at the theatre has some secret additive. okay, i don't know that for sure, but it makes sense.
  • 4 took 4 weeks for my small group girls to get bored with my hs yearbooks.

and a few new thoughts:

  • doing a spiritual formation retreat for urban kids is an incredible experience
  • puppy-sitting means i leave the office on time
  • i could be jealous of the girl on the sit-com who's moving from socal to london
  • united airlines needs more competitive fares at the moment

and finally...

  • as much as i love pink...i'm really over all the pink and red in stores right now. i'm looking forward to feb 15...

1 comment:

Da Youth Guy said...

let's see...

is it possible to be inept a leading your own life? Thought I'd proven that one years ago! Periodically my wife and I look at each other and wonder when someone is going to come take care of us.

Is there an easy way to go from child to caretaker? I never found it. The best I can offer is do everything with large doses of love and humor.

As for guys with accents, you're in Cali, right? Doesn't surfer count?