Friday, October 27, 2006

why i'm not married...or back to blogging

apparently i don't understand what it means for two to become one because i want my own identity. really. i was told that. my understanding is that we are to be mutually submissive, that our personalities and gifts are to complement one another, to use our gifts and skills to encourage and build up one another so that together we're better than we would be on our own. for me to do that, to build up a spouse, to complement him with my own gifts, it seems like i'd need to keep my own identity. but i guess my definition doesn't work for everyone. you know what though? i'm really okay with that. i'm okay with holding out for someone who shares my understanding of what two becoming one looks like.

and while i'm holding out, i'll have more time for blogging ;)


lizzy said...

AMEN sista.....unless you are thinkin of movin to the mid east and takin up a new religion your right on about what it TRULY means for TWO to become is about complementing NOT one taking over the other....hello you are not to be a doormat....WELCOME BACK MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! the bloggy world has missed you...hehee have fun in Ani...

Jeff said...

I know I'd want a woman with here own identity... Not so much that we don't have one together, but one that I can love, support, and become a part of as well as mesh with my identity.