Sunday, October 29, 2006

and then a bit of sadness

so i know i did the right thing in not continuing a relationship with someone who had such different beliefs and understandings about what relationships look like and the role of women. there were also a couple other concerns that i had about the relationship that also added to the end of it. these other concerns are things that would have made a relationship hard, but one of the things is some past hurts that are still very present that he needs to work through for his own sake.

there are a lot of great things about the guy...the things that drew me to him in the first place. and a lot of ways in which we were really compatible; we had a lot of similar interests. and i had a lot of fun chatting with him and spending time with him. i have some very fond memories.

so even though i know i made the right choice, i'm still finding i'm a little sad...sad that he's still haunted by the past hurts, sad that our beliefs on some core things were so different, and finally a little sad that it didn't, couldn't work out.


jlyn said...

my friend i'm so sorry that you are sad and that you are going through all of this. i look forward to seeing you and spending time with you this weekend.

lizzy said...

i know you are sad....i sad for you...and that is all there is to say...cause no words can fix it or change it...but know you are loved and i will see you in a few short weeks in cinny!
cya sista!

Da Youth Guy said...

Right decision and right attitude about what you should hold out for. My wife and I will celebrate 30 years together in February. When it's been the best (and it hasn't always and MOST of those
times have been my fault)it's because we lean on each other. I don't need another me in this relationship (Lord protect me!)I need HER with her gifts and her skills and her...well, just her! If she were just me redux then I could get the same kind of compliments and encouragement by talking to myself in the mirror!

It hurts, but it was right. Right for you and for him.