Sunday, July 09, 2006

you-had-to-be-there moments pt 1

wow...i'm just still wiped from my last week and a half so i'll post about the lighter side of things from my trip.

i should've known it'd be a weird trip based on our flight's landing. just as we were landing a toddler across the aisle from me started throwing up. this didn't phase me--she's little, she can't help it and she hadn't been feeling well the whole flight. what did phase me is a jerk of a guy who started making gagging noises and commenting loudly about controlling the kid. i try to turn off my sense of hearing and start thinking to myself "lalalala i'm not listening" to block out the jerk behind me. finally we touch down and make it to the gate. as we all start standing up to get our stuff from the overheads as the door is being opened (i'm in row 10 and the door is at row 8), this tiny little asian lady heads back and is trying to reach her carryon which is stowed in the overhead across from jerk guy. he starts griping at her loudly and she just looks up at him and keeps repeating "bag, please" and it becomes obvious that she speaks very little english--she doesn't understand a word that jerk guy is yelling at her. finally a couple people get into the aisle between her and jerk guy and get her off the plane along with the couple with the sick kid. and then everyone clears a path for jerk guy to exit. finally i get into the aisle to exit and am behind either the captain or co-captain (i can't tell which) who starts telling the jetway operator to contact the gate agent and stop the boarding process for the planes next flight because "there was a problem with the nose and we had a hard time setting it down correctly. the first officer is on the phone with maintenance and this plane can't leave until it's been thoroughly inspected." okay could have lived without hearing that.

i'll break this segment up into 3 posts instead of doing one really long post.

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