Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my restless heart and mind

i need to sleep tonite but my heart and mind are restless. the thoughts are bouncing around like a pinball.
  • my heart hurts for a friend suffering. i wonder how best to sit with her in her pain and to hold hope for her when she can't hold it for herself.
  • i'm mulling over my state of singleness, on whether i can or should hold out hope for a relationship and on whether or not doing so distracts me from enjoying all the good things in my life right now.
  • i'm saddened and disturbed by the current state of war in the middle east. on some level it reminds me of siblings in the backseat of the car punching each other and saying with each punch stop, no you stop, no you...
  • the amount of stuff at work that i need to get done this week--the to do list seems endless at the moment
  • concern for a friend whose parents are going through a rough patch
  • excitement for a friend whose newly engaged
  • how to find a rhythm of life that allows me to stay connected and grounded and flow in and out of my routine at home more easily despite upcoming travel
  • what it means for me to be an active citizen and participant in our government (stuff tied to my dc trip and global community stuff that's been rattling around for awhile)
those are the big things. maybe by putting them out there, my head and heart will take a deep breath and drift off to sleep.


jlyn said...

you have so much passion for life and the world in general. praying blessing on you.

Len said...

Hang in there. Said a prayer for you tonight.

mindi said...

thanks to all who said a prayer for me--i did get to sleep that night and i've actually been sleeping better since this post.