Tuesday, March 24, 2009

list girl

i have always been a list girl. i always have several lists going at any given time. for example, currently going are:
  • groceries
  • ideas for my blog
  • books to read
  • errands
  • movies to watch
  • tasks for the godparents 50th anniversary celebration
  • packing for trips to tulsa and london
  • ideas for a couple of clients
  • youth ministry ideas
  • gift ideas for upcoming birthdays, holidays, etc
  • and of course, the generic to do list
in the last few weeks, without the typical work schedule, i've lost control of my lists, more so than ever. recently i bought a lovely pink moleskine plain notebook to use as my current journal. and tonight, i bought a lovely pink moleskine ruled notebook to gather all my lists. together, i think they'll make a nice little memoir of this season of my life.


Matthew McNutt said...

It always amuses me when people blog about how they're going to blog. ; )

I've been praying for you!

renee said...

woohoo girlfriend! i heart moleskines -- to an obsession, as you are well aware. enjoy them! put things from your travels in the back pockets!

will miss you sun. night. look forward to catching up when you get back. (and thanks ahead of time for the present :) )