Monday, September 29, 2008

an update

just a little update on what's going on in my corner of the world (in case you were wondering. if you weren't, please disregard this post and go back to whatever else you were doing, but thanks for stopping by.)

what i've been doing: working. really mostly working. getting ready for the crazy fall season: national youth workers conventions in sacramento, pittsburgh, nashville. association of youth ministry educators & sales conference in grand rapids--getting ready for more new books to be launched there. all of these are events i'm really excited about.

and when i'm not working: building relationships with my new small group of 7th grade girls and my 2 new co-leaders. 3 weeks in, so far, so good. this wednesday will be week 4.

most fun memories from the summer (in no particular order--by the way, i'm feeling very parenthetical as i write this): the death of snake in my yard (okay, not really a 'fun' memory but it was a highly memorable event), girls weekend with my best friend from childhood & another good friend, and a trip to the tall ships festival.

normally, i go thru klutzy phases but: i've been more of a mechanical jinx recently--car repairs (several), blue screen of death and the demise of my old laptop, and my tv just decided to stop turning on.

biggest surprises of late: how much tv i can find online if i want but how the only time i really miss it is in the morning during the morning news and today show; how much i love my sony reader; how much i like peach green tea from whittard of chelsea (trying to give up my diet coke habit)

a couple of book recommendations: my name is russell fink (fun and surprisingly captivating characters) and reading lolita in tehran (fascinating memoir that prompted me download henry james books and the great gatsby to my sony reader)

and if you've made it this far, thanks friend!

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Jon Cheatwood said...

Giving up Diet Coke? Ouch! Not even going to delude yourself (as I do) by drinking Diet Coke Plus? Well, good luck. Maybe someday I will have the desire to join you on that one...but not today.