Sunday, February 17, 2008


so there's been a little excitement going on in my work life lately. recently i was promoted to marketing manager, resources. i'll still get to work with our denominational and network partners and the youth specialties academic support network. the rest of my time and energy will be focused on connecting people with our resources: books, curriculums, dvds, etc. i'm really loving the new role.

tomorrow morning, i head to grand rapids to sit in on sales conference. we'll be presenting about 20 new resources to our sales team so they can start working with retailers to bring the resources to local bookstores. i'm so excited about this new batch of resources--there's great stuff for youth workers: new bible study curriculum, some encouraging words from one of my favorite people, some cool new stuff for teens... i should stop for now. anyway, i'm looking forward to this week in michigan. except for the cold. that i could do without.


Terrace Crawford said...

Congrats on the new position Mindi.

mindi said...

Thanks Terrace!