Wednesday, January 02, 2008

looking back

ok last post was late october (really didn't mean to go that long without posting) so looking back, here's where i was:
  • st. louis (national youth workers convention--8 days)
  • atlanta (national youth workers convention--8 days)
  • tulsa (thanksgiving holiday--7 days)
  • colorado springs (meetings--2 days)
  • pasadena (core test--1 day)
  • tiajuana, mexico (staff christmas party--1 day)
  • tulsa (christmas holiday--12 days)

if you're counting that means i was gone for 39 of 67 days since my last post. that's just crazy! and since this post has developed a counting theme, the last 67 days have also held:

  • 18 flights
  • 1 piece of luggage "redirected" (note: the "redirected" bag was on xjet--and my non-stop san diego to tulsa flight--the only non-stop trip i took and they couldn't get my bag on the plane!)
  • 1 plane bathroom not working (also on xjet--"we'll be landing in tulsa in about 2 hours, try to wait.")
  • 3 movies (4 if i count seeing enchanted twice)
  • hundreds of photos taken (i took our ys photo album pix from st. louis & atlanta plus part of the ones from mexico and lots of family pix)
  • countless hugs and laughs with friends & family

and then there's the food. here are the highlights of where i ate

  • ted's cafe escondido (fabulous chips, salsa, queso, tortillas and the best sopapillas ever)
  • sonic (love the 1/2 price happy hour on sodas)
  • braum's (crinkle fries dipped in chocolate shakes)
  • chick-fil-a (favorite option in the cnn center in atlanta)
  • coney i-lander (ah, the best little coneys smothered in chili, onions, mustard and cheese--they deserve a post of their own one day)

the only regret over the past couple months is that i have a bunch of tulsa friends i either didn't get to see or didn't get to see enough of, but that is something to change and look forward to in the new year which will also be the subject of my next post.

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DaYouthGuy said...

Busy, busy, busy.
Good to see you back