Thursday, November 09, 2006

london on my mind

i've always been a bit of an anglophile, but i'm a bit surprised at the ways in which my london trip is sticking with me. i miss it. it seems strange to write that or even think it since i was only there for four days but i do miss it. i'm trying to process what specifically i miss and what there resonated with me so deeply.

i'm having a hard time finding words for what god began stirring in me there. i can't decide how much my lack of words
has to do with the newness of it and how much has to do with how busy my life is right now.

and my life is quite hectic right now. the day after i flew home from london i flew to austin tx for the first of four national youth workers conventions. after austin i flew to vegas to see elton john and from there to denver for a conference to represent my company. just monday i came home from convention number two in anaheim and tuesday i fly to cincinnati for convention number three. i fly from there to tulsa to spend thanksgiving with family and from there onto charlotte for convention number four before flying home to sd in early december.

for now i'm surfing the web looking for cheap airfares to go back to london after the first of the year, watching movies filmed in england (four weddings & a funeral, bridget jones diary, etc.), and enjoying the photos from my trip. i've shared a couple of my favorites here...the london eye at night and notting hill homes on a rainy afternoon.

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