Saturday, November 05, 2005


i've known for a while that i needed to do something different about my housing arrangements. i like the apartment i'm in as far as size, layout and proximity to work, church and friends and i've liked that the complex is small--16 units. when i moved here 5 yrs ago, the neighbors were great and it was a fun little community. but of course since it's a rental, there's been turnover and now i'm down to just 3 neighbors that i like and feel safe with and two of them are moving out by the end of the year.

on my lazy day i spent some time looking online for a new place to live and just wasn't finding the right thing so i gave up my search for the moment. the next day, a friend mentioned that his poolhouse might be available by dec. 1. it turned out to be available and so i'm moving. i've spent the day cleaning out and packing. although the timing is crazy since I leave a week from monday for two weeks, it's really a blessing. the poolhouse is set up like a studio and is across the pool & deck from the house where my friend lives. it's a great deal and besides coming with a pool and a great view, it's also good for me financially. best of all the neighbors are great--and they don't have surround sound next to my walls.

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jlyn said...

hey bring some pics if you can. i'm very excited for you and can't wait until next week.