Friday, October 28, 2005

mindi needs

thanks to marko for this.

mindi needs:
  • to be patched.
  • YOUR VOTE!!!
  • to be in another comedy STAT!
  • to understand how your kernel boots.
  • to iron out a few more technical details and she will be winning.
  • a caption!
  • to learn that geeks are geeks because they learn.
  • to quit being a trance hater and come with us!!
  • to buy Sonic.
  • updating.
  • an award for her patience and overall laid back attitude.
  • to get some sleep.
and that seems like a good place to end.


'neice said...

It never works for me because I refuse to not spell my name correctly!

Matthew McNutt said...

I will vote for Mindi.