Saturday, July 16, 2005

the 'ho' shirt

a few of my friends and i have a running joke about margaret cho's shtick about with any three female friends, there's the smart one, the sweet one and then there's the ho. she specifically references charlie's angels show as an example in a whole thing she does about the 80's. beth is the smart one, jeannie is the sweet one and i'm the ho. not really of course or it wouldn't be funny. (read a friend's comment about it under i guess i'm "the ho") i tend to be mostly modest with my clothing but i do have a weakness for 'ho' shoes--high heels, pointy toes. i've always looked at those shoes, but it wasn't until last fall i found the nerve to purchase and wear them. i also like skirts--ones with slits or that are just above knee length. i've always thought my legs were my best physical feature and skirts are flattering so i occasionally have a skirt that's a bit sexy, but still modest--no risk of anyone seeing more than they should.

but shirts, i'm always cautious...i bought one shirt...just a v-neck t-shirt with a tie-dyed looking swirl on the front. i got teased (totally meant good-naturedly)about wearing a target on my chest. in the last year tho, i've lost 40 lbs. i've gone from wearing xxl t's to l's and i'm a little more confident about my body. but i still haven't bought any tops that aren't pretty basic and ordinary. i've seen shirts that i think 'i wish that'd fit me'--little trendy tops--more meant for a nite on the town. but i haven't dared to try one yet.

today, however, i gave into temptation. i spent $40 (way more than i normally spend) on a very cool, very out of character-kind of-beaded flowy shirt. it's the kind of shirt girls wear with great jeans, and ho shoes (a pair of which i already own). i really like it, it's the kind of shirt i want to look good in, it's a shirt i'd like to have fit my style. i have to admit i bought it for a 'casual cocktail meet & greet' for my 20 year hs reunion next weekend. it's certainly not something i would've worn in high school... and it's a bit of a stretch for me now.

i haven't decided about the shirt yet. i can still return it. i'm much better at shopping for my friends than myself so i'm not making a final decision about the shirt/outfit until I run it past one of my jge (just-gay-enough--straight guy with the fashion sense of one of the queer eye guys) friends tomorrow afternoon.

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