Friday, June 17, 2005

blog book tag

i saw this on a friend's blog (thanks youthguy) and thought it was fun--especially since i'm a book junkie.

how many books do you own?
i have no clue...there's a stack on the end table, a few on the kitchen table, a couple stacks in my room, a bookshelf full...

what is the last book you bought?
the mermaid chair by sue monk kidd...just last friday.

what is the last book you read?
real sex by lauren winner...great read--best treatise on saving sex for marriage that i've ever read. i'll be rereading this one.

list five books that mean a lot to you:
dangerous wonder by mike yaconelli--the book that opened the door for me to think differently about my helped choose the path that has brought me to where i am.
the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd--quite a few revelations about myself came about through the reading of this one.
life of the beloved by henri nouwen--i should probably read this regularly. for some reason, it's often hard for me to remember that i am beloved.
gone with the wind by margaret mitchell--first read this for my hs freshman ap english class and fell in love with the romance, the characters, the history. still one of my favorite books and movies.
little women by louisa may alcott--first 'grown-up' book i mom gave it to me about 4th grade and this was the book that turned me into a lifelong reader. i loved the four sisters...i couldn't decide which of them i wanted to be most...

if you decide to answer these q's on your blog...leave me a comment...i'm always looking for a good read...


Matthew McNutt said...

I just read Real Sex as well ... I was really impressed with it (too many reals in that sentence, my bad!). I really enjoyed that she took all her arguements that she had used FOR extramarital sex and refuted them. I also appreciated her honesty. All in all, an excellent book.

I also just recently finished Dangerous Wonder; Yac wrote some incredible stuff. Would you believe that I just started reading him this last year? I'm one of the few youth pastors out there that wasn't too aware of his work (other than one of the videos he made years ago that I have watched half a dozen times) until the last year or two. I read Messy Spirituality a few months ago, was blown away, and then bought Dangerous Wonder. I loved his brutal honesty ... and I swear he could pack more truth into a sentence then any author I've read in a while.

I wish YS would release a video set of his different talks he had done at the NYWC over the years (I'm assuming he did ... last year was my first NYWC). I'm sure youth workers like me would eat 'em up. I feel like I've missed out on some tremendous teachings.

mindi said...

We haven't put together a "boxed set" of Yac's talks but that's not a bad idea..

In the meantime, you can get quite a few of his NYWC talks by contacting Professional Sound Images at 800.808.8273

Matthew McNutt said...

I don't want to sound like I'm trying to talk you into doing something I think is cool ... but I mentioned it at a youth network meeting a couple months ago, that I would love to see a dvd set of his talks, and there were several guys who said they would be into that (some others didn't seem so overwhelmed, but I won't mention that because it isn't supportive of what I want). If nothing else, I bet they would sell well as an exclusive thing at the conferences (like the collection of his writings that was being sold last year).

Da Youth Guy said...

You're very welcome!

I've heard so many people recommend Nouwen you think I'd have picked something up. But no. I'll keep him in mind.

Like Matthew I really only began to read Yac's stuff recently. I was lucky enough to meet him and have a few words with him at a Core workshop a couple years back. Truly awesome stuff.

As I think about your list I keep thinking about other books I could have listed. How did I forget "To Kill a Mockingbird"?